About Me

The human brain weighs roughly 1300 g (app. 3 lbs.) and contains an estimated 1 trillion glial cells, 100 billion neurons, and 102,000 miles of myelinated axons.  The human cortex is comprised of roughly 16.34 billion neurons with approximately 123 trillion synapses; assuming the refractory period of a single neuron is 3-4 milliseconds, the human cortex performs 24.5 quadrillion operations per second and operates on the amount of power required to run a laptop computer (“Roadrunner”, the IBM supercomputer, costs $133,000,000, weighs 500,000 lbs, and requires the power of 1,200 homes, and only operates at 1.45 petaflops (14.5 quadrillion operations per second)).  Perhaps even more amazing, the total number of possible combinations [(1.23 x 10^14)!] between the synapses in the human brain has been estimated to be easily greater than the total number of atoms in the known universe (approximately 3 x 10^76).  To attach reality to that number, a 3.4 g copper (Cu) penny contains 32,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (32-quintillion) atoms.  The human brain is the operational definition of “fluid/parallel-processing”; it also happens to be my definition of “passion”.


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