Plotting data in R

Importing and cleaning data are mandatory steps prior to running any type of analytics. We should always generate a priori hypotheses based on the evidence, literature, and logic that we have available to us (e.g., guessing that a strong and positive correlation exists between height and weight; > cor(DS0012$height, DS0012$weight): [1] 0.8011362)

Generating plots can help us understand our data better:

> plot(DS0012$height, DS0012$weight, 
           ylab = "Mass (kg)", xlab = "Height (cm)")


> hist(DS0012$BMI)
> hist(DS0012$BMI, main = "Distribution of BMI")
> hist(DS0012$BMI, main = "Distribution of BMI", col = "lightblue")
> hist(DS0012$BMI, main = "Distribution of BMI", col = "lightblue", 
xlab = "BMI", probability = TRUE)
> lines(density(DS0012$BMI))
> lines(density(DS0012$BMI), col = "red")
> abline(v = mean(DS0012$BMI, lty = "dashed", col = "green"))
> mean(DS0012$BMI)
[1] 25.7057

Above is a gradual step-wise series of commands that result builds a density histogram of BMI with a kernel density estimate of the distribution and a mean value (m=25.71) in the following density histogram:


> install.packages("ggplot2")
The downloaded binary packages are in
> library("ggplot2", lib.loc="/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.0/Resources/library")
> library(ggplot2)

Installing new packages in R is a simple process, that is made even more simple with the package finder that exists in our RStudio:


In the next section, we will start messing around with ggplot2.


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