Mapping in R – Earthquake Data

I have been messing around with the Pew Voter Data and have been unable to access the underlying Zip Codes from the data set in order to attach a latitude and longitude to each respondent and map their location and affiliations…

So… I found a data set from a project that I did my Junior year in college. A project that maps the locations of all seismic activity around the world for 6 months. Now, when I did this project, I used a large map of the world and a 3 foot ruler to map all activity with colors that corresponded to the size of the activity as measured by the richter scale. I have a feeling that writing a few lines of code are going to by much more simple:

  1. We are going to import the data, which is in Excel, and although there are a number of blank rows (> any([]); a total of 320 (> sum([])), the data are well organized. And even better, me 12 years ago (!) detailed the Lat and Long out to 3 decimal places!
> EQ.Data <- read.csv("Desktop/Working Directory 
          - R/Earth_Quake_Data.csv", header=TRUE)
> View(EQ.Data)
> any([]))
[1] TRUE
> sum([]))
[1] 320



I need to get this cleaned up right quick. Meaning, I need to identify and clear out the blank spaces (NA’s).

> colSums([]))
 EQ.. Date Time Location Latitude Longitude 
 80   0    0    0        80       0 Magnitude Tectonic.Setting 
 80         80        0 
> EQ.Data <- na.omit(EQ.Data)
> sum([]))
[1] 0

This little bit of code cleaned up all of our blank spaces and now we can proceed with mapping!




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