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In a my previous Pew Data post, we started to break down how to identify variables of a large, 197 variable 2,008 person response, data set.  Toward the end of the post we had broken the data set into a state-by-state breakdown.

I would like to explore more of the approval ratings by state and would like to generate some new variables in the process. Specifically, I would be interested in generating percentages for approval ratings for our departed (from office) President Obama (miss you already!).

> Frequency_Approval = table($q1)
> Percentage_Approval = table($q1)/(2008*0.01)
> cbind(Frequency_Approval,Percentage_Approval)


As you can see, we identified the categorical variable of frequency with it’s three levels (Approve, Disapprove, Don’t know/Refused), and created a percentage distribution based on those three levels. the cbind function was used to tie those newly created variables together in one table.


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