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Using MANOVA in Neuroscience Research

I have included the (M)ANOVA PDF as a separate post so that the information can be read a little more easily.  This paper includes a brief summary of how the ANOVA test works to partition variance and goes on to talk about … Continue reading

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Corrected Aging in The United States

Looking at the traditional data of older adults distributed by state becomes a bit skewed based on the fact that the population variance between states can be significant (e.g., California has a population of 37,200,000, while Vermont has a population … Continue reading

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Age-related changes in detection of spatial novelty

Maasberg, D.W., Shelley, L.E., & Gilbert, P.E. (2012). Age-related changes in detection of spatial novelty. Behavioral Brain Research, 228, 447-451.

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Age-Related Differences in the Anticipation of Future Rewards

Maasberg, D.W., Shelley, L.E., Gracian, E.I., Gilbert, P.E. (2011). Age-Related Differences in the Anticipation of Future Rewards. Behavioral Brain Research, 223, 371-375.

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Magnetoencephalography: Clinical Uses and Limitations

1.     Introduction The average adult human brain (1,350 g) contains approximately 86.1 (±8.1) billion neurons [Azevedo, Carvalho, Grinberg, Farfel, Ferretti, Leite, Filho, Lent & Herculano-Houzel, 2009; Pakkenberg, Pelvig, Marner, Bundgaard, Gundersen, Nyengaard & Regeur, 2003], and the number of non-neuronal … Continue reading

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Modification and Metamorphosis: A General Discussion of Change

1.     Introduction. Since the Big Bang[1], the age of the observable universe is estimated to be 13.75 (±0.11) billion years [see Larson, Dunkley, Hinshaw et al., 2010] and the age of our planet, Earth, has been consistently estimated to be … Continue reading

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Using MANOVA in Neuroscience Research

During my graduate work at San Diego State University (MA, Psychology ’11) I spent the bulk of my time developing behavioral models to study healthy aging; more specifically, I used existing/published paradigms using hippocampal lesioned rodents to test some of … Continue reading

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Age Related Changes in the Detection of Spatial and Stimulus Novelty This is my Master’s thesis that I completed with the guidance of Dr. Paul Gilbert.

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The Healthy Aging Brain

As previously mentioned, the deficits associated with the aging brain can be very difficult to generalize. Even within the distribution of healthy aging (i.e., aging without any neuropathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease or Lewy body dementia) there is a great … Continue reading

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The Neurological Basis of MMR

Natural exploration is of particular importance when considering animal behavior, as it is the means by which animals gather information about their environment, discover available resources, and identify potential threats. Furthermore, a number of studies have shown that tasks utilizing … Continue reading

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